Will Learning a New Language make you a More Well-Rounded Person?

Foreign Language BillboardsThere are several schools of thoughts on whether learning a foreign language really helps to make someone a better person. There are those who contend that through learning a different language, the person has a better understanding of their home tongue, while also having the ability to travel and really interact with other people from around the world. However, other people may say that learning a language is great, but it has no benefits to the person. With this being said, there are a few things that are known about those who do have the ability to speak a foreign language. Continue reading

Getting A Degree While Studying Abroad

International Studies Word CloudThere are many people who take the chance of studying abroad to get their degree. Though many people may think that this does not make sense, in all honest, many of those who do this often state that this is the best decision that they could have ever made for themselves. The reason for why this is a great decision varies, but most people simply like being able to get their degree in a way that not many other students their age are doing this. Other people like to do this due to it costing less, and many abroad colleges have great reputations that are going to impress anyone that comes across them. With this being said, there are three main reasons why a person should consider a getting a degree while abroad. Continue reading

Online Cultures: Binary Options Traders

It goes without saying that every place on Earth has its own culture. What most people don’t realize, however, is that there are actually cultures that actually exist outside of geographical locations. One of these cultures happens to be web culture. Through the internet, so many people from different parts of the world have been able to interact with each other and create a culture of their own. This is really amazing. Before the internet, it was almost impossible for people from different places to create a coherent culture without meeting each other physically.

Of course, as with any culture, internet culture has subcultures. In this post, I am going to focus on one subculture found within the broader web culture: online traders. Online traders have been working on the internet since the late 1990s, but it’s only within the past half decade that they started really forming a culture of their own.

What activities do online traders actively engage in? The truth is that it depends, but all the activities they engage in, it goes without saying, involve finance and trade. One of these activities happens to be binary options trading. In today’s world, people can readily do binary options trading. All they have to do is sign up for the services of a binary options trading. Right after signing up for the services of such an entity, one can enjoy dealing with underlying assets from different markets all over the world.

What exactly makes online traders hooked on binary options trading? For one, it is easy for most people to make money off it. This is because binary options trading is rather very simple, especially when compared to other forms of online trading. Binary options trading, after all, generally only entails guessing whether the price of an asset will go up or down by a certain time. The best part is that many a binary options trading now provide extra services that help people make better trading decisions. For one, Banc de Binary now offers clients that chance to avail of trading signals. These signals help clients choose which options to place a trade on, as well as what course of action they should take with them.

“My name is Amy Schumer, and I am an art student. Despite still being only in college, I already make lots of money. This is because me and my friends do binary options trading. Just by spending an hour or two a day doing it, I can make thousands of dollars a month. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the fact that I have many friends from different places who also do it. By helping each other, we are able to make great trading decisions most of the time,” Schumer told us.

Hopefully, this post of mine will end up helping people better understand the culture that surrounds online trading. Who knows? Maybe you might end up joining it too. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, actually; studies point out that the world’s population of online traders will continue increasing well into the future.

Finding Doctors throughout the World

DoctorsThere are many things that might be of great concern when travelling a lot, but one of the biggest one is definitely finding good doctors. This is especially true if you’re the kind of person who stays for a couple of months or even years in the same place, but it also applies for anyone who is in need of a doctor, even for a week long stay.

What you care about when trying to locate, as an example, a Calgary Dermatologist or an ear doctor in Orange County, is of course extremely personal, but let’s go through some of the top things I think most if not all people would consider important.

What to Consider When Finding a Good Doctor

There are many important factors to consider when looking for a good doctor in a foreign country or region, and they do of course depend greatly on what type of person you are. Most people would say one of their top priorities is getting a nice and pleasant doctor which is friendly and good to be around, while also being competent in their day to day work. But at the same time some people simply can’t stand when a doctor puts too much effort or time into being friendly, and would most of all prefer a pure robot. There’s no right or wrong here, different people simply need or want different things.

Regardless of what type of doctor you want, it’s important to recognize that with different cultures come different personalities. A doctor in Asia is for example usually much stricter and less “friendly” than is expected in regions such as the US, Canada, or Europe. At the same time there are of course those specifically geared towards certain patients throughout most countries and regions, and if you really go the extra mile you can of course find a “friendlier” doctor even in a rigid country like Japan.

Finding Experienced Doctors Who Know What They’re Doing

One thing most people would agree upon is that they like their doctors to be experienced and to know what they’re doing. It might be complicated to always check up on what diplomas or certificates work in different countries, and as such it’s unfortunately not always easy to know if a doctor is as good as they say they are.

A good way of getting around this is to check around on the net or through other sources for unbiased reviews. That way you can often find which doctors or which medical centers are generally considered most reliable, and which ones you should stay away from. By googling a Calgary dermatologist you might find http://www.totalskincarecentre.com/dr-john-p-arlette-md-frcpc/ and that Dr. John P. Arlette has quite decent reviews, and if you search for an ear doctor in Orange County you’ll come across http://www.tustinhearingcenter.com/. The fact that they show up high on Google searches and have good reviews on third party sites doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the exactly what you are looking for in medical professionals, but surely you’re heading in the right direction.

The Complexity of Online Reviews

You shouldn’t of course always perceive a five star doctor as the very best – again, eventually it comes down to personal choice. Maybe the ones who gave them five stars all liked the design of the office, which might be something you couldn’t care less about? Or maybe people who gave a one star review disliked the doctor’s strict demeanor, while the actual medical expertise was top class.

Trying to find a good doctor simply by googling and checking reviews is without a doubt a complicated game, but it’s also one that can yield a lot of rewards if you know how to play it well. The Internet has certainly made it much easier to make independent research, especially when you try to go beyond cultural borders.

Studying Internet Culture

For so many years, scholars have been studying cultures from all over the world. Despite the length of time scholars have devoted to them, though, there’s still so much to learn about the world’s oldest cultures. Of course, just because older cultures are still being studied does not mean that academicians are neglecting to study newer cultures.

In order to make amazing progress in the fields of sociology and anthropology, scholars from both fields need to study cultures and societies from the past, present, and the speculative future. One of the cultures from the present that is currently being studied is internet culture. There are many reasons for this, one of them being the fact that internet culture, unlike other cultures, does not require physical space. Internet culture thrives on digital exchanges; physical meetings between those who participate in it are optional. These things and more make internet culture so fascinating to scholars.

By studying internet culture, scholars hope to be able to contribute to its progress. For one, most people don’t know this, but the internet is now being used by people from all over the world for work. To make sure that everyone is able to best utilize the internet for such purposes, scholars need to be able to study the culture surrounding online jobs.

One of the most popular online jobs happens to be binary options trading. There are many reason why binary options trading proves to be popular. One of these reasons is the fact that doing binary options trading is very easy compared to other kinds of trading; another reason would have to be the fact that binary options trading often yields high profits to those who engage in it. Every day, so many people from all over go on the internet asking, can you make money trading binary options? The good news for them is that it is very much possible. In fact, by working with the best binary option trading website, people can make a decent living just by trading binary options. One just has to employ sound trading strategies to be able to earn thousands of dollars a month through binary options trading.

Unfortunately for people, though, many of the brokerages out there are actually illegitimate. Although they purport to provide amazing services to their clients, this isn’t actually a case. The presence of illegitimate brokerages is a very rampant problem; for this reason, it is important for scholars to study the culture surrounding binary options trading. By doing so, they will be able to contribute a wealth of knowledge which governments can use for the purpose of regulating binary options trading on the internet.

Hopefully, what I have written her will get more people to become internet scholars. Studying older cultures is very important, but this does not mean that we should neglect the cultures we are interacting with in the present. By studying such cultures, we will surely be able to contribute knowledge that will surely prove helpful in bettering our society. The benefits of scholarly studies on culture may be remote, but this does not mean we should downplay them.

A Personal View of Healthcare in India

healthcareIndia has its share of cultural highlights, but it is also known for the large number of people living on or below the poverty line. The health system in the country is complex and adequate health care is lacking for many members of society. This is one of the reasons that I decided to visit this unique country and to find out more about its ailing health issues. On a recent trip to the vibrant and contrasting nation, I found out some interesting details about the state of healthcare that is available now in the Indian health sector.


Preparing for the trip to India

I didn’t really know what to expect when touring India, but I knew that I would need all of the regular travel accessories as well as medicines to prevent illness. I made sure that my doctor gave me all of the required immunizations as well as provide me with anti nausea, diarrhea and malaria drugs. I knew that I would be gone for a considerable time and I needed a safe place to store some of my valuables so I decided to investigate the local storage container rental companies. I found a reasonably priced  company that offered 24 hour security and secure storage. I also needed to pack a wide variety of clothes for the journey because India has a wide variety of climates! I made sure I took enough bottled water for a few days and purchased some water sanitization tablets for emergencies.


The conditions in India

Some of the conditions experienced by the poorer parts of the Indian population include malnutrition, hepatitis, and poor sanitation. There are also issues with access to safe drinking water which doesn’t help with the treatment for continued problems like malaria, tuberculosis, and dengue fever. Coronary artery disease is also an issue, with many Indians predisposed to metabolic syndrome. Unfortunately, many Indians living in rural regions are still living below the poverty line which contributes to poor health.


Available healthcare system  

India supports both private and public hospitals as well as alternative treatments in the form of Ayurvedic traditional medicine. Major cities provide excellent levels of care including doctors who are fluent in speaking English. Whilst medical costs are not significant, health insurance is restricted primarily to emergency costs and hospitalization. Government hospitals are generally understaffed and provide only basic care. For a better level of treatment, private hospital care rivals those in Europe and North America with well-equipped facilities and highly trained staff.


In contrast to the city areas of India, rural outskirts remain significantly under-developed with their infrastructure for health facilities. For many of the nation’s poor, healthcare is not affordable or accessible. This situation results in many of the sick ignoring their health concerns or frequenting facilities that are not relevant for assisting them with their specific condition.


The need to expand healthcare in India to make it accessible to all communities within the country has become a primary concern for the Indian government.  Whilst authorities strive for ways to make treatment available by proximity, they are also aware of the need to bridge the gap between the level of care provided in private and public medical institutions.


How to Protect Our Skin This Summer

woman sunbathingThere is so much to look forward for this summer – glorious sun, weekends on the beach, outdoor fun, and bronzed skin!  Since the warm weather is a good excuse to wear light clothing and show a bit of skin, we have, of course, prepared for this season by exercising to achieve that lithe, toned body, updating our wardrobe, etc.  Perhaps what most of us fail to get ready for are minimizing our exposure to the sun and protecting our skin from its harmful ultraviolet rays.  Sun exposure increases the risks of skin cancer and speeds up the ageing process but it is almost impossible to keep away from the outdoors after months of extraordinarily cold weather!  We do not have to entirely ban ourselves from going out and enjoying a little sun but we do have to protect and care for our skin.

Putting on sunscreen as shield against ultraviolet rays (UVR) should be a part of our daily routine.  But do you know that not all sunscreens are made equal?  According to respected New York dermatologist, Lawrence Jaeger, we should ensure that the sunscreen we use provides protection against both UVA and UVB radiation.  The doctor, whose profile can be found on Better Doctor, further advised to look for products that indicate “broad spectrum protection” with SPF 15 and higher.  Ultraviolet radiation is a proven human carcinogen and considered the main trigger of skin cancer.  Over exposure to harmful UV rays cause or enhance the development of cataracts.

UVA is a more common type of ultraviolet radiation, present on all hours of daylight, and can penetrate glass. It penetrates deep into the dermis and is largely to blame for photoageing, suppression of the immune system, and is thought to initiate the occurrence of skin cancer.

UVB is a medium-wave radiation that affects the epidermis and is the main culprit for sunburn, skin reddening, and skin cancer. The amount of UVB is at its peak between 10 AM and 4 PM.  Unlike UVA, its ability to penetrate glass is insignificant.  Long term damage includes premature ageing and skin cancer development.

Apart from applying water resistant, broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher 30 minutes before exposing ourselves to the sun, there are other protective measures we can take.

  • Always try to find shade outdoors.
  • Add tinted, UV-protective film to car windows and if possible, to house windows too.
  • Cover up; wear sunglasses with UV protection and wide brimmed hats.
  • Shun tanning and UV tanning booths.
  • Limit if not avoid going outdoors between 10 AM and 4 PM.
  • For prolonged sun exposure, use water resistant, broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF of 30 or higher. 

Solar radiation is not all entirely harmful as small amounts of UV are needed in Vitamin D production and treatment of diseases such as rickets, psoriasis, eczema, and jaundice.  It is prolonged exposure to UVR that increases the burden of disease.  It is imperative to guard ourselves from the damaging effects of overexposure.

The Simple Joys of Dining Out

Happy friends at dinning tableEating and the enjoyment of the taste of food has gone a long way from being a basic human need. It has been a very long time since we first learned on how to properly cook our foods, not just for hygienic purposes, but also that for gastronomical reasons as well. Cooking was regarded as a necessity as it preserved our foods, prolonging it’s usefulness as it does away with us needing to prepare our meals as frequently as we should, saving on time and effort as well. As we continued to develop innovative and creative means in regards to food preparations, we have also developed the knowledge of how we can make our foods more tasty in more ways than one. Thus, creating a whole new perspective in regards to our culinary skills, giving birth to a whole new form of art and science. As our society went on to develop, so did our taste for the finer things in life.

Eventually, food establishments began to serve food, from the simple bed and breakfast establishments that provided food for weary travelers, to the posh elegance of five star restaurants that cater to people with impeccable taste. Food represents more than just sustenance for the human body, as it also serves as a form of comfort that we can all fall back on, especially after a hard days work as nothing gives more comfort than a deliciously, freshly home cooked meal. It is not so surprising for most families around the world to gather together, especially on weekends to enjoy a casual backyard barbecue among themselves to just simply unwind and enjoy a meal together.

There are some however, who go out with their families and spend an entire day at the mall and eat out.  This contemporary social behavior has created an ever growing demand for food establishments all throughout the world which has capitalized on the most popular form of social recreational activity. In Canada for instance, over the last 10 years, the average household was said to have spent well over $1,400 dollars a year on food that was bought from restaurants and other food establishments. The availability of food establishments all over the country has become a reason of convenience as more and more Canadians are given a very easy choice between preparing their own food for personal consumption and the ready availability of numerous food retail establishments that provide the convenience of a quick easy meal.

All over Canada, there are plenty of food and beverage establishments that provide an easy means of giving their customers a sort of way out in avoiding cumbersome food preparations in regards to home cooked meals, as most of the time, people find fast foods more convenient as it disregards the need to do the dishes after eating. The fast food industry in Canada provides employment to more than one million Canadian citizens, half of which consists of people ranging from the ages of 15 to 24 years old. Canada’s fast food service industry employs 1 out of every 5 young workers who earn from this their livelihood which contributes to Canada’s economy.

Considering that Canada is a dynamically thriving country, it is no surprise that their spending power constitutes their ability to maintain a fast paced life style. However, the demands of an active economy does put some constraints on a society’s means to have some time for itself, frequently not having enough time to do the basic menial necessity of even enabling you to cook your own meals. Thus the need to fill up certain aspects as food preparations are now relied on mostly to the fast food establishments that provide the convenience of a well prepared meal. The convenience of ordering food on-line has got to be one of the most convenient concept of providing services for those who can not afford to find ample time in preparing a decent meal.

On-line websites such as Delivery Montreal, which gives you the choice to order now or at any convenient time that suits your hectic schedule. These websites are now the most prevalent means of having the choice of availing yourself the kind of meal that you can’t find the time to prepare for yourself and your family. Besides the convenience of having to choose from a lot of different cuisines, they will also deliver it straight to the comfort of your own front door, saving you the time and effort of getting it by yourself. It also provides the convenience of having to pay for it in a number of ways that suits your convenience whether that be ATM, credit card or any other form of on-line payment.

The rising demand for take out, drive through and delivery services has steadily grown in recent years that it saw an increase of meals prepared by these fast food establishments and has since been steadily rising with an annual average growth of 61% on all related food services. Most of these meals are taken out and eaten somewhere else. It would also be interesting to know certain facts about the average Canadian households preference in regards to fast food and interestingly enough, that Canadians frequently make regular visits to fast food establishments that average at about 520 times in just one year! That is more times than the number of days in a year or roughly 1.4 times a day. In short, Canadians are very much indulged in partaking food from fast food establishments on a daily basis.

At an average, Canada has more than 90,000 registered food and drinking establishments combined, which can be converted to about one establishment for every 350 Canadian citizens. When it comes to the annual spending budget in regards to domestic food expenditure, the average Canadian household spends 30% of their total food budget on fast food and other related services, which is small considering that their American counterparts spend an average of 42%. Canadians spend an average of $6.12 dollars (including taxes) on fast food individually, which does not include the customary tip.

Indie Culture and Music Festivals

music festivalOver the past decade, indie culture has gotten a stronger foothold in our cultural consciousness. More and more people are enjoying what the culture has to offer as it has become very accessible thanks to the internet. When one immerses themselves in indie culture, they expose themselves to art as they are made. This is because those who participate in the culture make it a point attend as many cultural events as they can. One of these cultural events happens to be “the music festival.” The reason why I am actually writing this article is to talk about one such music festival. Hopefully, by talking about it, I get to make people understand indie culture more.

There are many music festivals that are held each year in North America, and the biggest one happens to be Koachella. Koachella is a music festival held annually that features hundreds of musicians from all over the world. Because the event offers a venue for people to see so many live acts for a fair price, many people from all over North America make it a point to go to the festival each year. Even though this year’s festival is going to be held in May, the tickets for the festival are already sold out.

Koachella is a a grassroots effort – it is made possible by people passionate about indie culture. Because it is just a grassroots effort, its organizers tend to exert a great deal effort just to keep things in order. Thankfully, there are many contractors out there who provide amazing services to the organizers. Whether it’s lighting, portable toilets, or storage, the organizers make things work by getting help from the many companies out there who offer their services at reasonable rates. Through the help of a storage company, the storage needs of Koachella’s organizers are well taken care easily.

When organizing big events, organizers need to have places where they can store equipment securely. Unfortunately, setting up such places at events can prove to be to impractical for grassroots organizations. Thankfully, such work can be contracted. What’s great is that these storage contractors offer storage solutions that are tailored to the needs of their clients. Koachella’s organizers are able to rent storage places that can house band equipment, lighting equipment, and other items of considerable size for a reasonable fee. Such storage places are set up fast and well before the start of the event.

If there’s anything we can learn from Koachella’s organizers, it’s that those who participate in indie culture really go the extra mile for their love of the scene. Even when they don’t have a lot of resources, they do their best just to make things happen (case in point: them working with portable storage companies for music festivals). If there’s one trait the people who participate in the scene value, it’s “ingenuity.” It’s not just the music festivals where we see the trait being put to good use. Indie music and film tend to be created with small budgets, after all.

Indie Culture’s Band of the Month: Phonix

bandIndie culture has permeated the mainstream. What was once an underground phenomenon has become a culture that almost everyone has become aware of. Many bands from the underground music scene of Canada have become very popular. Some of them have even charted in the Billbox Charts. The reason why I am writing this post is to talk about an indie band I believe deserves more attention: Phonix. In my opinion, Phonix is the most interesting band to come out of Canada in the last five years. Hopefully, this post I’m writing will get more people to look up the band’s music.

Phonix was formed back in 2007 but they only released their debut album in late 2012. Although they have garnered a significant cult following, they still haven’t broken through the charts. Many music writers actually consider this quaint – Phonix writes very catchy poppy songs, after all. In fact, what actually makes Phonix stand out from other indie bands is that their music features a delicate balance between avant-garde and poppy sounds. They play really noisy music a la Sonic Youth but at the same time, their compositions feature hooks and other musical elements that people find really catchy – not many bands are able to accomplish this feat.

While all of Phonix’ members play a big role in establishing the sound of the band, their sound is largely shaped by their primary songwriter, Thom Marsse. What’s interesting about this is that Marsse is actually the only member of the band that didn’t have formal training in music. While his bandmates have always worked in the arts, Marsse actually used to work at an executive search firm. (For more information on the executive search firm, please visit bobsearch.com). Marsse was one of the firm’s top headhunters. He was always able to find the right man for the right job. All of Marsse’s hires have proved to be very valuable assets to the companies that hired them.

While Marsse really enjoyed his work at the firm, he decided to pursue a career in music after he saw an early incarnation of Phonix play at a bar. At the time, Phonix had just lost their vocalist and Jonas Marsse (the band’s bassist and Thom’s cousin) just filled in for him. After playing their set, Jonas asked Thom to audition for the band and he did so the following day. After singing two songs with the band, Thom found the chemistry between him and the rest of the band to be electrifying; the rest of the band also felt the same. Thom immediately resigned from his job and started writing songs with Jonas and the rest.

If what I wrote here got you interested in the band, I suggest you check out the tracks “Short Distance Call” and “Mozartomania.” While these two songs don’t cover for the breadth of Phonix’ unique musicality, they are certainly enough to introduce the band to new listeners. Hopefully, these listeners end up loving the band’s music as much as I do – talented bands like Phonix need to gain more exposure in the mainstream.


American Celebrity Culture’s Way of Dealing with Body Image Issues

bodyKimmy Kardaschund recently showed off her fit body at the recent Gold Maps Awards Ceremony. By wearing a form-hugging silk dress, she was able to flaunt her great body in what most people would consider a very tasteful manner. Kardaschund’s appearance surprised many people watching the ceremonies as she had given birth to her first child just 5 months ago – despite only giving birth to a child a little less than half a year ago, Kardaschund already has a body that only a supermodel would have. The reason why I am writing this post is to discuss how Kardaschund got sexier in such a short period of time. Hopefully, this site’s readers will learn something about American celebrity culture’s ways of dealing with body image issues. It is important to understand how American celebrity culture deals with it as it broadly impacts the way people who consume American culture think.

Kimmy Kardaschund’s fast weight loss can be primarily attributed to Pilates, among other things. In recent years, Pilates has entered the mainstream and has become one of the most popular workout routines for women. Although most people believe that Pilates does contribute to an overall sense of wellness, many of these people are still skeptical of the exercise routine’s weight loss effects. The truth is that Pilates does work to make people burn fat, but it only does this when paired with a healthy diet. After giving birth, Kardaschund immediately started following a strict healthy diet. Because Kardaschund combined effective exercise with a healthy diet, she was able to start losing weight immediately in a healthy manner.

Of course, weight loss isn’t the only secret to Kardaschund’s sexy figure. Two years ago, Kardaschund underwent breast augmentation at a breast augmentation beverly hills clinic. Through the amazing efforts of the doctors at the clinic, Kardaschund’s breast augmentation ended up looking very natural. Aside from this, Kardaschund ended up having no visible scars around her breast areas – this is because the doctors at her clinic utilized a no-scar form of the procedure. When it comes to no-scar breast augmentation procedures, doctors make use of a person’s belly button to insert implants in a way that does not leave even the smallest visible scar.

The no-scar form of breast augmentation is actually the most popular form of the procedure not only in California, but also in many other places. One of Kardaschund’s co-stars in her reality TV series, Leila Windsor, recently underwent the same form of breast augmentation at a breast augmentation fort lauderdale clinic. Most plastic surgeons in Fort Lauderdale claim that the no-scar form of breast augmentation is now the most popular form of plastic surgery in the area.

When people look at Kardaschund and Windsor, they immediately think that they only used natural methods to achieve their great bodies – this is not true. Many celebrities and non-celebrities also undergo plastic surgery to attain the bodies they want. There’s nothing wrong with undergoing such procedures. If undergoing breast augmentation can make one feel more confident, go ahead. What celebrities like Kardaschund and Windsor are showing is that healthy, natural weight loss strategies can be paired with plastic surgery in a good way. Hopefully, the readers of this post will gain this insight and more.

Staying Safe While Traveling to Foreign Countries

Israel border is a dangerous and unsafe placeOne of the dreams that many people have is to travel to other countries other than the one in which they live. For some people, this dream becomes a reality at a young age, while other people do not get to enjoy this until they are at the age of retirement. However, no matter when you decide to travel to other countries it is imperative that you do everything that you can possibly do in order to stay safe. In many countries, visitors are a prime target for crime since they do not realize the ways of the area, or they simply make an easy target. With this being said, there are several tips that are going to help you to stay safer while traveling to another country.

1. Do not wear items that attract attention. You are on vacation so dress comfortably. This does mean to avoid using jewelry and watches that scream money, since these are some of the first things that a person is going to look for when they are searching for those in which they could easily rob.

2. Consider having two wallets on you at all times. This is one of those tricks that several people are using in order to ensure that if they were to get robbed, they could always give the criminal the wallet that has little to no money in it, while still keeping the wallet that is full of their own money.

3. If you do take a cab while in a country that you are visiting, you should be sure that you are getting this cab from a company that is considered to be one of the best. Many cab companies are what the country considers to be the cab companies to call when needing a ride. Do not just get into any cab that you see as they could charge outlandish rates or even deliberately drop you off at the wrong location.

4. We recommend that you bone up on your safety protocol before traveling to a foreign country. There are plenty of websites that offer safety tips, however most of those are geared to people remaining safe at work. Instead, we recommend this video to show you how to remain safe while moving from country to country.

5. Be nice to those who are around you. You are going to find that being in a new country is full of new experiences, and when you talk to those who call this area home, you are likely to get the news on where to go and what to see. However, this does not mean that you should be over friendly with the people that you are just meeting. Try to avoid telling them that you are new to the area, or that you have no idea what you are doing, as this could make it easier for someone to take advantage of you.

6. If you decide to drive yourself, be sure that you are know the traffic laws and the way that cars are driven in the area, as every country is different. If you do something wrong, this could get you killed depending on how bad traffic is in the area that you are visiting.

Don’t let the fear of your safety keep you from experiencing a new country.  Through following these simple guidelines, you can stay safe while also getting to experience a once in a lifetime event.